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to look for a storm-free day. right now, 72 degrees in arlington. mid 70s in d.c. bethesda, 71 degrees. rockville, good morning to you. you're coming in at 70 degrees. highs for today around mid-80s ford.c. 86 degrees andrews air force base. winchester, 81 degrees. luray, 84. really, it is looking pretty good today. just a few degrees above the average high. your next three days looks like this. 86 and breezy. friday looking good. 82 degrees and lots of sunshine. saturday, warming back up into the upper 80s. we have a slight chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. here is angie with your traffic. >> good morning, everybody. hope you're having a fantastic thursday. really quite an uneventful morning on the roadways which is how we like it. green light stays on. the one we're following, this is out in northeast d.c. what we have is first street. it is currently shut down and the traffic lights are out as crews continue to work the power outage on first street between l and m street. if you're headed out that way, you're definitely going to want to use caution and i want to remind
alcohol deliveries are legal in d.c. but illegal in montgomery county. >>> this thursday, 1200 young men and women will arrive for plead induction day. the freshmen will take their oath of office at 6:00 p.m. and it marks the first day of the summer trading. this year, more than 19,000 people applied to be part of the class, and only 1002 wondered 30 made the cut. >>> still to come on "washington weekly," we will take a look at stories making headlines this week. plus what exactly makes us gain weight? we are told that a meeting in moderation is the answer. one food item in particular is said to be avoided altogether. >>> a few showers outside right now. what can we expect for the start of the work week? how about the return of the [ male announcer ] washington, d.c. a landmark of liberty and opportunity. at bank of america, we live and work here with thousands of employees and hundreds of branches and atms. every day, we're working to help set opportunity in motion... from supporting the arts and howard university to helping revitalize anacostia and do
approaching the beltway and d.c.'s 295 no complaints. a look at construction in northeast d.c. i'll have that at 6:12. andrea and mike back to you. >>> thank you, former d.c. mayoral candidate suleiman brown is scheduled to testify before a d.c. council committee investigating hiring practices by the gray administration. brown claims gray campaign aides promised him a job and paid him cash to stay in last year's race and level attacks against then incumbent mayor adrian fenty. surae chinn joins us live from outside the wilson building in northwest with a preview of what is a much anticipated meeting. >> reporter: good morning you have that right. suleiman brown had no problems speaking before, he was out spoken when he was abruptly fired making claims that he was paid to attack adrian fenty, then mayoral incumbent candidate. well, then just suddenly he stop talking. >> no comment. >> reporter: but now it's back on again, not by choice, but basically told by a judge last week that he would testify before a d.c. council committee. mayor vincent gray denies brown was paid anything or promis
of d.c. voting rights. >>> that story in just a moment. first, though, breaking news from northwest washington. three people, including a woman, have been shot in columbia heights. the gunfire erupted about an hour ago in the 700 block of gresham place northwest. the bullets hit two men and a woman. two victims were conscious and breathing when police got there. another was unconscious when the police got there. no information on the victims' conditions right now. >>> back to the other top story. d.c. residents took their fight to lafayette park today and they didn't mince words. they demanded a vote in congress. and they aimed their message squarely at president obama. as news 4's derrick ward explains, it ended in several arrests. >> reporter: they chose to take it as far as they could, sitting down to stand up for d.c. representation. >> we want our rights and we want them now. >> reporter: three arrests. among them came at the culmination of a spirited rally in lafayette park. most of the rhetoric directed at the president. >> the president and the administration are as accounta
on the news edge, increase show of police force on d.c.'s metropolitan branch trail, after four attacks in the past month. in two of the cases the suspect apparently tried to rob a cyclistly using a taser. audrey barnes has details. >> reporter: some people who use the metropolitan branch trail, like wagner roberts, say they've been targeted before. >> folks have thrown stones at me through that way and have shot bottles of water at me as i pass by. >> reporter: police say the attacks have now escalated to assaults and robberies. the weapon of choice, a taser. the most recent attempt was wednesday, when two men tried to taser a bicyclist as he rode on the trail south of rhode island avenue. >> i think that the city needs to do some things to secure the trail better. to make it safe for everybody. >> reporter: the trouble spot seems to be between new york avenue and rhode island avenue. especially between the hours of 2:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. >> i've never had a problem, but i've heard about things like that. >> reporter: james, who rides the trail a lot, says there are some spots where y
will release if the congressman -- >>> a semipro football recruiting slain at a d.c. high schools was honored. ralph thomas was shot and killed outside mckinley tech in northeast on friday night. p. was a recruiter for the d.c. falcons and was a mentor to hundred the d.c. youth. -- he was a recruiter. the suspect is behind bars. >>> an announcement in a corruption case involving a prominent d.c. council member. harry thomas is accused of misusing $300,000 of city money for personal purposes. yesterday council members met privately to discuss whether he should keep his chairmanship on the economic development committee. the d.c. attorney general has filed a civil action suits. thomas maintains his innocence. >>> if you have health insurance through your job and you might want to use it as much as possible while you can. >> ahead of his confirmation hearing, leon panetta has news on the defense program. gigi has more from new york. >> good morning. president obama's nominee to succeed robert gates expects difficult sources will have to be made when it comes to reducing defense spending and the
>>> protestors arrested. demonstrators at a d.c. voting rights rally in trouble with the law. and a yoga event held today outside the lululemon store. and abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> live and in h.d., this is abc7 breaking news. >>> we begin tonight with breaking news from northwest washington where police are on the scene of a multiple shooting and stabbing near the caribbean festival taking place close to howard university. shots were fired around 5:00 p.m. on gresham place. two men and one woman were wounded. police say shots and a stabbing took place blocks away. at least six are injured, two are reportedly in critical condition. we'll bring you the latest information as soon as we get it. and in other news today, a dozen people were arrested in front of the white house following a rally for d.c. voting rights. mike canine was there. >> the 12 protesters arrested arrange in age from 18 to 65, representing wards across the city. this is not the first time washingtonians have been arrested at voting rights rallies. the mayor and council members were arrested at events
are on their way to an accident. the commute looks good near the mormon temple. >>> 6:00. d.c. police are investigating an overnight shooting. investigators say a man was shot several times at seventh street and l street. he is hospitalized in stable condition. police do not have a suspect or a motive in the shooting. >>> the man at the center of the d.c. hiring scandal is scheduled to speak out. former mayoral candidates and one-time employee sulaiman brown is set to testify before a d.c. council committee today. >> he said vincent gray's campaign paid him to verbally attack and then mayor adrian fenty and that he has the text and "true grit" -- and he has paint checks to prove it. >> sulaiman brown released copies this weekend of money orders given to him last year during the mayoral campaign season. he says the checks totaling $600 were given to him by consultants of vincent gray and by the chairman of vincent gray's campaign. they are made out to sulaiman brown for mayor. brown says that vincent gray promised him a job in the administration if he stayed in the race. he was hired a
's friend landeros. he used to live in the d.c. area but has now moved back to juarez mexico. he's in contact with a detective from the el paso, texas police department. of course, el paso is just across the river from juarez. according to the washington post, landeros sent the following e-mail to police urging them to come to him instead of landeros coming to the united states to answer questions. here's that e-mail. "of course, you're cord wally invited to cross the same -- wordally invited -- cordal lib is righted to immediate me at -- cordially invited to me me at the same bridge and have to cross the other way. we can have brunch, my treat. >> detectives have had probable cause. it's been presented to interpol. interpol honored that and they're leading the way in trying to extradite this suspect back so he can have his day in court. >> reporter: i talked with police today in el paso and montgomery county. no nobody wanted to comment on the case specifics and in particular, those e-mails. some friend of marcum did tell me today they find those e- mails pretty offensive and ag
side. >>> we begin with a disturbing case that has a d.c. police officer facing cent -- serious charges. she is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from an elderly woman bright the officer was arrested on the job at the second district headquarters. john gonzales is life outside of headquarters. >> this elderly victim tells us that it all started when she started receiving harassing phone calls. after calling d.c. police she thought she was in good hands. it is the police sergeant that was arrested here at the second district police station. this 85-year-old resident cannot believe a police officer was supposedly sent to helper is accused unita of robbing her blind. >> she would visit meet once a week. ipod she was a friend. >> was the officer. she was arrested and accused of deporting the signature of a victim. >> page after page after page. >> the victim tells us the officer gave corrupt rides to the bank. the victim contacted her bank to support -- to report the suspicious tracks. the officer was detained and arrested while on duty. >> i was surprised to find out that she was no
and is wounded after shots fired near a d.c. festival. searching for the gunmen. richard reeves is outside with the latest. >> police are trying to get to this and figure this shooting happened. at least one person is confirmed dead. to figures are trying what this was about. helicopters, and of officers responded to this call. >> it sounded like gunshots. the chaos erupted here at avenue after 5:00 p.m. >> i could see an argument was going on. going to happen. heard the shooting. >> she heard shots and called 911. the gunfire got worse. >> they heard gunfire and running.of people >> at least four people were shot, three men and a woman. one victim ran but officers caught him. idea what this is about? >> we're trying to piece what occurred and what off.t >> the streets were filled with people what finished watching caribbean festival parade. suddenly there were gunshots and panic. >> it was a mass of people running. >> tony was carrying her one- year-old daughter. >> i just prayed to god that shot us. i prayed we would make it home. >> perhaps as many as 21 shots were fired. a car pulled u
will start in d.c. tonight. police arrested one of their own. she is sergeant iesha hackley accused of ripping off an elderly woman she was supposed to help to the tune of some $43,000. down to fox 5's bob barnard working this one for us tonight. >> the 35-year-old d.c. police sergeant is charged with first degree theft. tonight sergeant hackley was forced to turn in her badge. >> reporter: the 85-year-old victim lives here at quebec house, an apartment building in cleveland park. >> we think perhaps we lost the story there. i was right in the middle of telling you -- excuse me? okay. we're going to roll the tape again, please. >> reporter: the 85-year-old victim lives here at quebec house, an apartment building in cleveland park. neighbors say the accused was a frequent visitor. investigators say the victim first met officer iesha hackley in december when police sent the officer to investigate the woman's allegation of lottery fraud. in these court documents officer hackley is accused of compounding the woman's problems forging the victim's name on a series of 10 checks between mid
now but there is a glimmer of hope this morning. >>> and gunfire breaking out in a fest vehicle in d.c. what police are saying about a possible motive after four were shot. >>> and more are arrested in yet another demonstration to demand d.c. voting rights and home rule. how many behind the cause have gone to jail since april. that's coming up. >>> good morning and welcome to fox 5 morning news. i'm sarah simmons. >> and i'm tony perkins. melanie is off today. we're tracking two athletes that show us why it's never too late to make a big splash. >>> but the first look at weather today. not a bad one. here is a live look outside. a warm start to the day. you can see one of the festivals going on discount. we are talking about that in a little bit. you can see that skies are partly sunny this morning with mild temperatures and as for today we're expecting a pretty decent day. a lot of sunshine today. not complete sunshine but a lot of sunshine and temperatures where they should be for this time of year. right now it's 70 degrees at reagan national. temperatures are in the mid-60s at reag
. >> thank you. >>> we have a news alert about a d.c. police officer under arrest. the 35-year-old is accused of stealing money from an elderly woman by forming the signature and depositive thing more than $33,000 in checks into her own bank of america account. she met the 85-year-old last december after she told police that she was the victim of a lottery scam. >> 28-year-old clark is one of three men charged of killing a clarendon man in 2009. the other suspect is 29-year- old martin. they're held and are awaiting hearings before being support to arlington county. the 57-year-old was stabbed several times early one morning -- morning in december of 2009. the police do not believe that he knew his attackers. >>> >>> budget cuts and tax increases. d.c. city council is still discussion both issues and is expected to take a final vote on that 2012 budget. eleanor holmes norton joins us live to break down everything from the city's autonomy to the scandals rocking city hall. delegate holmes norton, thanks for joins. >> always a pleasure. >> since we're expecting a vote, there has been a lot of d
and what his are saying. plus a hazmat incident. what caused so many people become ill. >>> big events in d.c. abc 7 news starts now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute >>> we begin with breaking news. near the capital yacht club in washington, emergency diverse are searching a missing swimmer. they have been searching for the last hour. more detailsou as to become available. we want to turn to the scandal. he is seeking treatment in the the scandal. comes early after nancy pelosi asked for his just hours and it looking said he was getting back to work on capitol hill on monday. richard reeves has the latest. >> even some insiders are "weinergate." he flew out of new york earlier today. most believe his political prospects are not good. >> we do not know how you can legislate. >> surrounded by reporters, he and-- with a delaware carol. nothingis inappropriate. teen,er interviewing the she made no of criminal activity conduct by thete congressman. >> too little, too late. it is still the principal. >>
troubling. he added in this case the victims are the citizens of d.c. who are entitled to honest government. councilman jim graham released a statement saying the sentencing was fair. it speaks to a wide range of factors from the seriousness of the charges he faced to mr. loza's years of service. >> i am glad this is over. i'm very glad. i can now put this behind me and in a few short months come back to the community and continue the work, continue where i left off. >> reporter: it won't be exactly where he left off helping the immigrant community. when he gets out of prison, he'll be on 12 months supervised release and will have to contribute 150 hours of community service. i'm karen gray houston in the fox 5 newsroom. >>> a trial date has been set for the group knowns at d.c. 41. they were arrested alongside the d.c. mayor vincent gray during this capitol hill protest in april. they blocked constitution avenue to protest the budge deal reached by congress limiting the city's autonomy. charges were dropped against the mayor and dozens of others after they paid a fine. the group is due in
is continuing to cast a shadow on d.c. mayor gray's administration. "the washington examiner" has now confirmed that a grand jury is investigating accusations made by the former mayoral candidate sulaimon brown. brown says that gray's top campaign aides paid him to verbally attack gray's main opponent, then-incumbent adrian fenty. brown claims he was paid thousands and also promised a job in return. in february, brown was fired after three weeks on the job for alleged incompetent. earlier this month, brown testified before the d.c. city council presenting copies of money orders he claims he got from gray's workers. brown's accusations are being investigated by congress. >>> another d.c. official is under scrutiny for the questionable spending of city funds. william shelton is the chairman of the advisory neighborhood commission 5b. right now, a city auditor wants to know how the anc account dipped from $34,000 to just $6. auditor's documents show that $27,000 was taken from anc's wachovia bank account in just eight months. officials also want to know why shelton's name was on an illegally-obtai
an eye out from the sky. even d.c.'s mayor vincent gray showed up to the scene. people here were left rattled after seeing the violence. >> when i heard the shots, that's when i just got out the way and got down. >> reporter: police say the shooting isn't being linked to the carnival despite how close it was. >> unfortunately some of these blocks out here are kind of our crew, hot areas. >> reporter: some are fearing this act of violence may tarnish d.c.'s annual carnival caribbean. >> it puts it in a negative light. it's unfortunate because it's so few cultural events we have in d.c., especially in the african-american community. >> reporter: back out live here this is another live look at what remains. as of last check, d.c. police have not made any arrests. they are asking anybody who may have seen somebody to give them a call. bruce, there were thousands out here as you very well know. they are hoping someone who saw something will come forward and give them the tip they need. >> we've been working the phones back here, also. while they say the shooting had nothing to do with the
at the center of the d.c. hiring scandal is speaking out. today former a mayoral candidate sulaiman brown is expected to testify to the city council. >> e says that he was paid by the vincent gray campaign to verbally attack adrian fenty. he said that he has the text approve it. jummy olabanji is live in northwest and joins us with a preview. good morning. >> good morning. sulaiman brown says that he is ready to testify and he has. this weekend gave copies of money orders to the washington post which show he was paid by members of vincent gray's campaign during last year's campaign season. those money orders total about $600. he says they were made out to sulaiman brown. brown alleges that vincent gray 's campaign paid him and promised him a job in the administration if he stayed in the race. brown was hired and then later fired as the auditor in the d.c. department of health care finance. he made the allegations public not long after he was let go from that position. the testimony today is supposed to be around 1:00 this afternoon. as part of a deal that struck with the d.c. council comm
to some of the stories happening today. the d.c. city council will vote on kaya henderson. she's been serving as acting chancellor since michelle rhee resigned last year. >>> a heads up to drivers on southbound virginia. lanes will close south of exit 163 in lorton. all lanes will be closed between midnight and 5:00 a.m. >>> a ribbon cutting at the renovated u.s.o. lounge. it is by the baggage claim area. it is open from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. >> we hope to hear from vincent gray about a grand jury investigation. >> it is looking into allegations of illegal activities by his 2010 campaign. >> surae chinn is live outside the wilson building with a story that's new this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrea and mike. this story continues to hold a cloud over this fairly new administration. now "the washington examiner" confirming a federal grand jury is looking into possible misconduct during his campaign. >> these are money orders that were given to me by lorraine green and howard brooks on behalf of mayor vincent gray. >> this investigation stems from mayoral brow
5. one of the victims shot at a d.c. street festival speaking out for the first time. hear what he saw as the bullets started to fly. >>> plus a d.c. police officer's pay chick cut off, tonight she says she's -- paycheck cut off. tonight she says she's being forced to choose between her job and the health of her child. >>> we begin tonight with new questions about that quadruple shooting. thanks for joining us tonight at 10:00. i'm laura evans. >> i'm shawn yancy. tonight a friend of the man killed and other community members wonder why police didn't keep closer tabs on the shooter. audrey barnes is in the newsroom with this fox 5 exclusive. >> the man i spoke with tonight asked me not to show his face or tell his name. one of the people who shot him and two others and killed his friend robert foster is still out there. he called it a senseless crime with plenty of blame to go around. it started out as a fun night with his friend and mentor, robert foster, but within minutes the two were caught in a crossfire of a gang battle on gresham place. he spoke with us by phone as he recove
in southeast d.c. it left two people injured. it broke out on f street. the man was rescued and is in serious condition. the firefighter was taken to the hospital with minor burns as well. >>> the d.c. police officer accused of killing a woman is scheduled to be in court today for bond hearing. richmond's phillips is charged with fatally shooting 20-year- old when that right. your body was on the last week in the temple hills park. her infant daughter was found dead in a minivan possibly of heat exposure. >>> the man at the center of a d.c. hiring scandal expected to hear before d.c. council committee today. sulaiman brown claims mayor vincent gray's campaign promise him a job and gave him cash to attack former mayor adrian fenty. a judge ordered brown to testify after he refused to comply with subpoenas from the council. >>> some northeast d.c. streets will stay closed as pepco crews repaired underground cables blamed for last week's massive power outage. parts of first street and-- parts of north capitol street will be shut down until rush hour. >>> eastern arizona residents have been forc
. >> caught in the crossfire. an innocent bystander dies after a gunman opens fire on the d.c. street festival. who was the real target? good morning, washington. it's monday, june 27. ijamsville nathan simpson. -- i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. now to adam caskey. >> we had a break from the humidity, but that is back. we have a light to moderate rainwear you see and yellow. from the mixing bowl all the way down to a spotsylvania county. a few spotty showers lingering into southern maryland. this will be confined to the morning. it will come to an end. it will be gloomy until the mid afternoon. not much sunshine today. 71 downtown right now, 66 in leesburg 68 in stafford. high temperatures in the mid to upper a deposing. -- mr. upper 80's -- mid to upper 80's. less humid wednesday through friday, sunny skies. now to lisa baden. >>> things are quiet to the airport and to the district. 56 eastbound between 123 am the beltway if, road or will be gone soon -- between 123 and the beltway. >>> gunfire at a family festival. one man apparently in the wrong place at the wrong time pays for
. >> in our headlines now, we are following a developing story out of southwest d.c. this morning we have an unconfirmed report that authorities have found a woman who went missing in the water right off the southwest waterfront. authorities won't say anything about her condition at this point, but officials say about 10:30 last night that woman was near the capital yacht club, right off water street, supposedly swimming with friends. witnesses say they saw her go under the water. crews from harbor patrol, u.s. park police, and fire and ems all participated in the search. we'll update you as soon as we get more information. >>> police in montgomery county are asking for help from the public this morning to find a missing boy. police say conte momo was last seen on the bus after school on friday, but he never returned home. he's just 12 years old, but he's very tall, 5'8", weighing 130 pounds. he was last seen wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt and black nike sneakers with orange stripes. he has friends that live in silver spring and may be in the area of the rosemary hills or summit
details and come back in less than 10 minutes. >> thank you. a dark and stormy night drop the d.c. region with heavy storms and lightning moved to the area. a chance of more severe weather later today. >> storms are planned for a number of power outages throughout the area. authorities are saying a lightning strike may have caused a fire that heavily damaged this clinton home. no reports of injuries, but heavy rain and caused flooding in fairfax county. authorities closed prosperity avenue after a car became stuck in the water there. >>> for the latest on the weather alerts any time, log onto >> looking at the day had last night's storms will not stop play for resuming at the u.s. open at congressional country club in bethesda. rory mcilroy is curly the leader. we'll have much more honest in his first-round play coming up alive through -- much more in yesterday's first round play coming up. preliminary hearing on felony sex charges. he is charged with enticing a minor for sex. he allegedly harassed a 17-year- old female student with vulgar and the comment and made sexual advance
to get to the area. darcy spencer is live in northeast d.c. with more on where these attacks are happening and how authorities are responding. >> reporter: the crimes are happening here in the fifth police district. i'm told sometimes there is a delay in police response. that's because when people call 911, the person on the other end of the phone doesn't know where this trail is. bike, jog, or rollerblade on this paved path in northeast d.c. and you could become a victim of crime. over the last couple of weeks there have been numerous robberies. one woman complains on a local list serve that she was zapped with a taser as she rode her bike here. >> i'm a little shocked by it because i haven't noticed anything suspicious or out of the ordinary lately. >> reporter: we found out, if you call for help there could be a problem. residents tell me that when people have called 911, dispatchers don't know where the path is. this 1 1/2 mile stretch, known as the met branch trail, opened last year. >> this year and last year, when people were either attacked or reporting suspicious act
this this fountain in northwest d.c. this heat is not all fun and games. it can be serious trouble if you are not careful out there. health officials have this reminder. >> nobody is immune to the problems of heated so, even if you've got your kids outside or you are outside yourself working in the garden, make sure you tax a lot of breaks. make sure you get yourself indoors and keep cool. >> experts advise anyone with breathing troubles to take it easy while the temperatures are high like this. to get an idea what it will be like today, let's check in with gwen tolbart. she is in for tucker. >> it is another scorcher out there. record-breaking highs across our area yesterday. at national airport, 99 degrees, a record breaker. the same for baltimore and 96 degrees at dulles. already steamy out there this morning. 80degrees at national. 78 at baltimore. it feels like it is 87 degrees right now in d.c. heat advisory in effect from noon until 8:00. bright skies, hot and humid but a scorcher of a day. do be careful out there. back to you. >> thank you. >>> d.c. council member harry thomas, jr
point circle and showing off their d.c. flag tattoos, real and fake. you have yours on? >> i sure do, brian. on my forearm. you heard karen talked about it it and that you know the council, passed this budget and we're the only city in d.c. that has to take the budget to capitol hill to get approval there and that is why they're upset. and people are gathering here to same. is that correct? >> that's correct. >> and tell me about the tattoo campaign. you are hoping to spread the message here, right? >> yes, we're holding the celebration today to bring attention to d.c. d.c. state rights as well as the arts and culture and there is some issues and to celebrate flag day. >> we have seen the mayor get arrested and some council members sit down in the middle of constitution avenue. do you think that this is other step? >> i hope so and we were sitting there and that is when the idea came together. the idea is to have fun and celebrate, washington, d.c. not just from a political standpoint but an ice and culture standpoint. >> and this is going to go on until 8:00? come to the front, circ
an annual tradition here in d.c. now. i'm told that the last year, upwards of 300,000 people, bruce, showed up to this carnival. so you can manual the kind of popularity that it has over here. again, all different countries from the caribbeans represented here and lots of food, lots of music, lots of festivities. along with all of that, that means tens of thousands of people along the streets out here. >> yeah, we have a big caribbean presence here among d.c. area residents. >> reporter: huge. >> and as a matter of fact, a lot of people come out of town for that. and and it's traditional a family event. so people will be concerned here. >> reporter: yes. as you mentioned, this is a family event. a lot of people come here to partake in the festivities, partake of the food. unfortunately, this ace bump in the road right now. d.c.'s mayor, vincent gray, showed up to take a look at what's going on and also get briefed. all we know, bruce, is that three people were shot. they'll figure out exactly what happened here in the coming hours. >> reporter: ten, thank you for that information. obviously
from the classroom to the farm. d.c. school kids getting an important lesson in nutrition and getting it in their own backyard. >>> thousands of commuters pass it every day. an urban oasis. on the other side of the fence you find fruits, vegetables and many of the caretakers are elementary and middle school students. arlene with the story from northwest washington. >> reporter: welcome to the farm at walker jones. >> tomatoes, corn, squash over there. >> reporter: harvest time is around the corner but they are there is still a lot of work ahead. >> when we first came it was soil. >> reporter: the seventh grader is one of dozens of kids learning while working. they grew many of these plants from seeds. then transplanted the seedlings into the ground. one of their goals is to move the produce from the ground and into the school cafeteria. they also hope to sell it. >> you come out and help and learn different things about the plants. how to grow it. >> reporter: how they grow in the middle of the city. the roads of fruits and vegetables sit on an old baseball field at the corner of new
to keep congress from attaching what is called riders to build effecting d.c.'s ability to govern itself. and congress should expect resistance where they live. if congress targets our lower vehicle -- and congress should be on notice that -- a ecchain program and maybe the trophies to them. and they're life and death -- . >> you may remember, a budget deal broker between the white house and congress allowed congress to stop d.c. from using its own locally acquired funds for planned parenthood and other clinics. >>> the latest round in that healthcare overhaul. a three-panel judge heard arguments of whether to reverse afla that judge's ruling that struck down the law and that rejected the requirements that nearly all americans carry health insurance. on both sides of the case, they will end up in supreme court. >>> new york congressman anthony wiener feeling the pressure today and we learning that according to "the new york times," his wife huma is pregnant and this morning, a shocking new image released by the conservative blogger. it shows him naked and mean while, fellow democrats are
, thank you. >>> and to a push for a safer summer in 9 district d.c. mayor vincent gray announced the be safe initiative. they will be hosting programs to keep city youths engaged in constructive and educational activities. the mayor emphasized the importance of public safety and how that played a part. >> unfortunately, some people will act wrecklessly in the city. >> and we asha happen on saturday. two lives were taken and two innocent citizens who were victimized by gun fire there and this type of activity is mindless and unacceptable. >> be safe this summer programs offer everything from crime prevention tips to fireworks safety instruction to home emergency preparedness and much more. >>> and mayor gray will join us tomorrow on fox 5 morning news to discuss the summer initiate of. look for that live interview in our 8:00 hour. >>> d.c. council member jim graham is raising questions about the supervision of the teen charged in 9 shooting near a d.c. festival last weekend. and that left the 43-year-old dead. jimenez shouldn't have been in d.c. in the first place. jimenez left d
that hit them. >>> d.c. firefighters rescued a bicyclist who was struck in downtown washington today. she was pinned under a car at 14th street and constitution avenue northwest this morning. a spokesperson says that the cyclist was set free and her injuries are not considering to be life-threatening. >>> a tractor trailer accident hampered rush hour traffic on interstate 66 this morning. sky 9 was over the scene where the rig was blocking all westbound lanes of traffic. the tractor trailer driver was not injured. it is unclear why he lost control of his rig. >>> bus riders in arlington can expect another day of delays. it is the result of an on-going dispute between drivers and the contractor that runs the bus service. more than 20 drivers called in sick yesterday. under the dispute -- until the dispute is resolved, county officials say that they do not know when service will return to normal. arlington transit says there will be no service on the 61b route. those riders should take 61a buses instead. >>> motorists in prince george's county and montgomery counties get another chance toni
>>> we start the noose news at noon with a breaking story. d.c. police have made an arrest in weekend's deadly shooting at a caribbean festival parade. i'm mike hydeck. j.c. is off today. investigators have a 19-year- old in custody right now. let's get right to bruce johnson with more on the arrest and the investigation. he's live at d.c. police headquarters in northwest. >> mike, we'll get you caught up to date. this incredible shooting took place at gresham place this past saturday. not far from the caribbean festival activity. thousands upon thousands of innocent people were out there. now, four people were shot. the chief announced that 19- year-old carrie jim nez of buffalo, new york, has been arrested. he's now in police custody. cary has been charged with murder two while armed in connection with a homicide. we've already reported foster is a 43-year-old man who hadn't been to the festival in years. he was shot, innocent bystander. he died not long after he was shot. the chief says mr. jimenez was actually the aggressor. >> first of all, all of the other victims st
in that gunfire. tonight one d.c. council member said the man killed was in the wrong place at the wrong time and the gunman was aiming for someone else. richard reeve is live outside police headquarters for the very latest, including reaction from the victim's family. richard? >> caroline, police identified the man killed as 43-year-old robert foster jr. of northwest washington. his family is in shock that this may have been a targeted shooting and innocent bystanders paid the price. this youtube video shows a chaotic play police pushing people back, the wounded being treated on the ground. >> after the first shot, there was way too much commotion to make out other shots. >> amid-the gunfire 43-year-old robert foster jr. is fatally wounded, his family in shock. >> i don't understand the purpose behind this. i have always been anti-gun. >> it was a hail of gunfire, at least 20 shots police say from two different weapons, one now recovered. besides foster three other people were gunned down. >> my information is there was a very specific target. >> but d.c. co
at the zoo. stay with us. "news 4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >>> this morning d.c. police warn there's a duo impersonating officers, using a car similar to this one to pull people over. we're live with what you need to know. >>> the man suspected in a series of shootings at military buildings is no longer a marine reservist. why his discharge had nothing to do with those shootings. good morning. i'm joe krebs. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome to "news 4 today" for this wednesday, july 29th, 2011. >> 70 degrees in the nation's capital. tom says we have nice changes headed our way. >> indeed. >> i like it. >>> every minute that goes by turning less humid after we had that front come through yesterday that triggered the afternoon and evening storms. they're long gone now. in the wake of that, just a few lingering clouds. still rather humid around the bay and eastern shore. west and north of washington and points west and north, the lower humidity continuing to move in on a light northwesterly breeze. near 70 in montgomery and fairfax counties. right now arlington and in the district, it's m
air-conditioning. >> the power is out for about 1500 pepco customers in northeast and northwest d.c. and we have had word of several building closures as well. sarah simmons is live in northeast where crews are working to restore service. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and tony. as you mentioned, 1500 in the northeast and northwest d.c., we're talking about 2200 customers system-wide without power but the bulk of it is here where they are dealing with an issue they have been working on since yesterday afternoon. now you did mention we do have some building closures. j.o. wilson elementary school is closed. also the d.c. housing authority headquarters as well as the federal energy regulatory commission all closed due to this power outage. and with me now to give us more insight as to exactly what happened to cause this is clay anderson, spokesperson with pepco. give me on idea. have you been able to find the source of the problem. describe what caused it? do we know yet? >> yesterday afternoon we found that at about 2:30 that we had a series of problems in ou
around downtown museums and monuments. the d.c. park police are making it hard on him. >> we are told we have to stay in a taxi cab zones only. >> macneil says officers move him around every day. bicycle cab companies do have permits for their drivers to do business in washington. they say they have an agreement -- an agreement with park police to operate on the mall and the monuments. now they say they are being harassed by park police. >> i have receive two tickets myself. there is a crack down going on. >> some of them do not believe we have the right to be here. >> while we were on the mall doing interviews, park police officers confronted us. the media is not required to have a permit to record video on the mall, but drivers say they have been doing business with no problems for more than five years. they do not know why they are being singled out now. >> i understand their try to tighten up the rules. >> park police did not issue a comment in response to our story. still to come, a look at a controversial proposal in one of maryland county. it deals with home delivery of liquor. >>
'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us this saturday night. gunfire erupts on a d.c. street not far from where thousands gathered to watch the annual crib yap festival parade. four people were shot, one of them critically. thousands were sent fleeing away from the violence. tonight, the authorities say the shooting had nothing to do with the festival. ken mow lessstein that was -- molestina was there with this report. >> it was chaotic. i saw somebody trying to revive a guy. >> reporter: frightened carnival revelers were frightened and sent running after 5 shoots were fired less than 25 yards from the foot traffic from the carnival. >> we believe that the victims were innocent bystanders. >> reporter: the shooting forced police to shut down the avenue for hours. prompting a helicopter to be called in to keep an eye out from the sky. even d.c.'s mayor vincent gray showed up to the scene. people here were left rattled after seeing the violence. >> when i heard the shots, that's when i just got out the way and got down. >> reporter: police say the shooting isn't being linked to the carnival
. >>> we begin with breaking news unfold in a few hours ago in the d.c. part. >> an officer opened fire on a suspect at haines point. courtney robinson is live near the scene. she joins us with breaking developments. >> good morning. that is exactly right. park police involved in the shooting around 1:25 in the morning. they say they came into contact with a man who was armed and they consider dangerous. you can see out here this morning park police still guarding the entrance. it closed at 1:00 this morning. officers were doing a routine patrol when they came into contact with a man inside a vehicle around two third of the way down. officers approached the man. they say that he was holding a gun inside the car. he was the only person in the car. when officers asked him to drop the gun, did not. he got out of the car. they continue to ask him to drop the fog. when he did not, that is when park police opened fire. that individual has been taken to medstar. peoples by helicopter. he has serious but non-life threatening injuries. >> this was a potential loss of life such a mission for the
. >>> it was a dark and stormy night in the d.c. area with lightning. chance of more severe weather later today. >> the storms were blamed for our colleges across the region. a lightning strike may have led to an all-star in clinton last night. it was heavily damaged. no reports of injury. the rain caused flooding in fairfax county as well. authorities had to close prosperity avenue after a car got stuck in the water. >> for the latest on the weather anytime, log on to our web site, >>> last night's storms roy mcilroy is currently the leader at congressional country club. more on sports in a few minutes. >>> a former anacostia high school athletic director faces a culinary hearing today on felony sex charges. briscoe is charged with enticing a minor for sex. he amassed a 17-year-old female student with a broker comments and made sexual advances. he's been the coach of the high school more than two decades. >>> 5:02. d.c. police are facing a surge of officers accused of being on the wrong side of the law. >> more than a dozen officers have been arrested for this year. the police chief
. >>> d.c. police chief cathy lanier says she has gone above and beyond for female officers, but some of them are telling a different story. courtney robinson has both sides of the issue. good morning. >> good morning. that is exactly right. chief cathy lanier says there's not much more she can do. talking with the new mother npd officers -- d.c. officers, base thei-- they say they don't have much of a choice. a concern is having a private clean area pump milk. >> i have been in the room when people to walk in on me while i have no clothing on. >> some of them say it's not as private as it should be and it is dirty as seen in the photographs. there's a new directive coming down the ranks that puts breast- feeding officers on the streets. >> you have to wear this vast at least eight hours every day. >> inconvenience and uncomfortable. they now spend lunch breaks looking for a room to pump. >> i have gone above and beyond. >> some officers say there's more that needs to be done when they are still breastfeeding newborns and taft to be back on the streets. -- and have to be back on the s
>>> this is fox 5 news at 10:00. >>> a d.c. city councilman accused of using public money for his personal use steps aside. tonight harry thomas jr. joins us live. >>> plus a bad week just got worse for anthony weiner, an x- rated picture leaked on the internet as the congressman fights to keep his job. >>> and is it hot enough for you out there? it looks like this heat won't be letting up any time soon. good evening, everyone. i'm shawn yancy. >> and i'm brian bolter. we'll begin with that heatwave as it pushed temperatures into the upper 90s today and it still feel like a steam bath out there right now. we'll see more of the same tomorrow. sue palka out in the elements trying to beat the heat today joins us now live from northwest. >> reporter: hello. you're right, it is still a steam bath out here, still 87 degrees down from our high of 99. we broke a record and it's the hottest day we've had so far this year and as we all know, the spring is still with us and this is not boding well for the rest of the year, very uncomfortable tonight, guys. the humidity has soared today and w
police handled the situation this time. >>> four attacks in one month on a popular d.c. trail. what police are doing to make sure it doesn't happen again. ♪ oh say, does that star spangled banner ♪ >> a singing contest with a patriotic twist. the big honor local kids are competing for. good evening and thanks for joining us. i'm maureen umeh. we begin with what some are calling a constitutional victory. protesters gathering again today at the jefferson memorial to dance. this time, no arrests. john henrehan explains what happened. >> reporter: at the jefferson memorial in washington, d.c. demonstrations around the statue are forbidden. last saturday a group unhappy with a ruling that prohibits dancing came anyway and danced. one protestor was taken down hard by a park police officer who was briefly choked. a week later adam came back with a copy of the constitution. >> have you asked for a permit? >> i actually got a permit. it's the same one i swore an oath to when i enlisted in the marine corps. says something about freedom of assembly, which means you don't need permission. >
, mike. this should be an interesting meeting before the d.c. council committee in the wilson building here, and you know, it was once thought this testimony wouldn't happen because the one time mayoral candidate refused to testify. >> no comment. >> suleiman brown has given up the fight after a court appearance last week and is expected to talk before city leaders on the record about his claims that he was offered a job and given cash by campaign aides in exchange for attacking then incumbent adrian fenty. mayor vincent gray denies brown was paid anything or promised a job, only he was told he could interview for the position. >> i can't even imagine engaging in such reprehensible behavior. and i know absolutely nothing about anyone in my campaign who did that. >> reporter: and brown says he was given $600 to attack fenty and says he has phone records of repeated calls to and from the gray campaign, but d.c. council is trying to get to the bottom of alleged flawed hiring practice by the gray administration and so are other independent agencies. >>> surae chinn reporting live from down
rules occurred. doreen, back to you. >> elaine reyes reporting from the news loom. >>> d.c. council member harry thomas, jr., has been accused of funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars meant for youth sports to an account that he used for luxury trips and to buy an suv. d.c. attorney general irvin nathan announced today that the city has filed a civil lawsuit. john schriffen is at the wilson building with more on this. john? >> reporter: jim, good evening. harry thomas, jr., is the latest council member caught up in an investigation into the spending of city funds. as you said, this morning the d.c. attorney general's office filed this very lengthy complaint about these spending habits. this complaint alleges that council member thomas used more than $300,000 of city funding and funneled it into two companies that he ran. the complaint alleges that thomas, instead of using the money to for inner city kids to learn how to play golf and tins allegedly used the money on himself. tonight council member thomas is telling a very different story. he actually called for his own press co
side. >> breaking news. an officer involved shooting in the d.c. bar. we are at the scene. good morning, washington. i am greta kreuz. >> good morning. i am cynne simpson. first, meteorologist adam caskey. >> good morning. >>> heat is on the way. there's a heat wave starting today. it will be in the low 90's this afternoon. near 100 through the next couple days. 61 at dulles airport, 69 at reagan national. dew point levels are still in the upper 50's. not overly humid. low 90's's this afternoon. some increasing clouds, partly cloudy skies. upper 90's tomorrow, record challenging heat for the next couple days. >>> nothing very challenging on the notes. they are working on the inner loop at central avenue. traffic is able to get by relatively unscathed. this is a picture of the beltway traffic at university boulevard. they were working between colesville road and university boulevard on the inner loop. i was seeing flashing lights but they are gone. virginia/95, it's good. looks good in maryland on 95 and across the wilson bridge. quiet is on 270 66, and on the greenway and the toll road.
on the national mall. >> the heat related calls to d.c. fire and ems were up 25% over yesterday's. yesterday, they had more than 300 calls for people overcome by heat. today, most of the calls came from down here at the mall. >> it is hot out here. >> visitors found there are a few ways to dodge the blazing sun. >> they look very hot. >> we ducked into museums. >> despite the best efforts dozens had to receive medical attention. for people working in this weather, and i'm jim lang hot asphalt in 100 degree temperatures. -- imagine letting hot asphalt in 100-degree temperatures. >> drink a lot of water. go in the shade for 15 minutes. >> in northwest, volunteers picked the hottest day of the year to build a garden for a local elementary school. >> it is a scorcher out here. >> it was too hot to stay in their apartment, their air conditioners could not keep its cool. >> once you open the windows at except the cold air away. >> they cannot do downtown silver spring sell their three- year-old daughter could cool off. >> i am not having fun but as long as she is smiling i am dead. >> these folks
. >>> looking now at the day ahead. a man suspected of a murder of a d.c. principal faces sentencing. he pleaded guilty to robbery and a hand in charge. he and three other men were suspected of killing the man. that is the former principal at the middle school. he was found murdered last year in his home. >>> everything has got to go. the military is looking to get rid of equipment used in iraq. >> with more on that plus a preview of the trading day, here is linda bell in new york. >> good morning to you. calling the mother of all yards sales. more than 1 million pieces of equipment including armored vehicles need to be disposed of as troops start heading home. half of the stuff will be moved by the pentagon to afghanistan. much of it is up for grabs. cash strapped state governments can get it on the cheap if they agree to pay to ship it over. president obama's proposal to cut spending by four hundred billion dollars is not facing anybody. the day after announcing the plan shares have gained ground. defense analysts say shares of weapon makers may not suffer unless congress proposes to slash the
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